Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bands Bands Bands

So, today I'm finally going to be finishing the lithographs for my fave bands/singers/songwriters/pub dwellers in the area. Expect to see some stuff featuring my top faves: The Cave Singers, Blood Brothers (RIP), Pretty Girls (Andrea Z, Jay, D.Fudesko), The Trucks, The Redwood, Busch Gardens Karaoeke Extravaganza, Seattle Eagle, M-Residence, Xin Wang, Michael Engle, The Turn On's, Sarah Everstine, Mike Jankowski, (sorry but the Spencer Moody print turned to shit somehow), Prop 8 Rally and more and more to come each day.

It's hard for me not to be influenced by some people, places, things ( THE NOUNS???) but Seattle is home to my faves, homos and those alike. Too bad we can't get some of those awesome folks from Omaha (Todd Fink, Jacob Thiele, Joel, Dapose, Clark) to lay plots in these parts.

But, this next series is based on the influencs of the culture Seattle and the NW have on me. Go buy Invitation Songs by The Cave Singers, Crimes by BB and anything that says...The Turn On's, Pretty Girls, Neko Case, and they will tell you what the music meant.

Please take a moment to visit the blog again and give me any feedback you'd like.

Also, be aware. I've almost finished my songs for the album. No title yet. Still deciding on who I want to sing backup on 4 songs. But hope it will be ready by Xmas time. It'll be the best styles of Voodoo Folk Twang and Sang I can do. Honky Tonk Piano sounds, viola's, fun drum's, etc.

Thanks y'all.

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